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Words by María de Jesús Patricio Martínez at Oventic on October 19, 2017


Brothers and sisters of the people of Mexico, of the peoples of the world, of the sixth national and international.
Free means of communication.
Means of payment.
Now I speak to you with the voice that the Indigenous Council of Government for Mexico gave me to say that since October 12 we have been meeting with the purpose of holding the first National Working Assembly between the Indigenous Council of Government and the peoples that make up the Indigenous National Congress, in CIDECI-UNITIERRA, and with the purpose of presenting the Indigenous Council of Government and its spokesperson in the five zapatista snails, in the state of Chiapas, ratifying what the indigenous peoples know well, that the future of our peoples is possible only in recognizing us one with the earth, our mother. In it is our past and future, and therefore the freedom and autonomy for which we fight.
From Zapatista rebellious territory we listen and think of collective, with the arts and creative words we talk, we share the ways and the ways to dismantle the power that from above design and impose until it gives rise to reproduce that corrupted power in the patriarchal, macho and capitalist system in our villages; to dismantle it is to look at the bottom of our history and make our bet and proposal to the peoples of Mexico and the world. That’s why we say: Let women live who fight and organize!
The Indigenous Council of Government, which until now has been formed by 156 councilors and councilors from 63 indigenous regions of the country, speaking in 39 native languages, we believe that it is time to listen to the sound that comes from the capitalist disaster in all the territories of the countryside and cities.

Above, power cracks and the politics of bad government and the powerful capitalists boldly demonstrate the lie they are, they shudder with their destruction everything they touch, kill, pollute and in their wake they leave destruction, desolation, indignation and rage.
Below, from the bottom of the earth, dignity is born a new world amid the destruction, pain and rage of our peoples, Mexico from below in the fields and cities. Of the working people who are exploited until their death, stripped of everything they have, repressed for thinking and rebelling, despised for being different, for being poor, for being a woman, for speaking our own language, to tell the truth, for looking down and not up, to turn to see the companion, the companion and not the master, the chief, the patron, the bad government.
And that’s why we say again that on the clock of what we are humanity, we mark the time of what we are, what we were and what we will be.
It is time to listen to what the suffering of the families who seek a son, a father, a mother missing have to tell us with their tireless struggle to find truth and justice among the rubble.
It is time to shake this country and shake in every corner of it, to organize ourselves in every space, in every neighborhood, nation and tribe, in every city, in the countryside and in the cities, not to leave us, to organize ourselves, to govern ourselves according to our own forms, exercising and taking fate in our hands without waiting for others to do it for us.
It is time to weave from below a web so large that it is able to endure the coming times, taking advantage of the call of our land so that the organization that we build penetrate all the structures of this nation and guarantee us freedom, democracy and Justice.
It is time for workers, teachers, honest intellectuals, artists, youth, peasants, students, homosexuals, communicators and all those below.

It is time to make the earth tremble in its centers, looking at us in the mirror that are the original peoples with their struggles and their sufferings. Taking the principles of command by obeying the guide to rebirth.
But above all it is the hour of women who struggle and organize themselves to be born their freedom, to be born their new homeland with justice, to be born a new world of peace and different about the ruins that the capitalist and patriarchal system are leaving everywhere . It is time for women to organize themselves, for the respect of our rights, but also for all and for all because in us is the force to push this huge struggle.
Indigenous women, in our triple status as women, indigenous and poor, live the greatest oppression within this system that is called capitalist, we are exploited and violated in our homes, our jobs, in all areas of society ; the present system submits us to the most crude exploitation and everyday we are treated as mere commodities. In the same way, as we feel the violence that is done to us, we also feel the robbery, the dispossession and the destruction that is made of our mother earth, because this system that is named capitalist and patriarchal is based on dispossession and domination of our mother the earth and the domination and control of us women.
Equally every time they murder, disappear, imprison unjustly a son, a daughter, it is we women who feel the deepest pain.
But precisely because we are the ones who feel the deepest pain, because we live the greatest of oppressions; also we women are capable of feeling the deepest of rages; and then we must be able to transform those rages into organization in order to go on the offensive to dismantle the power from above, constructing with determination and without fear the power from below.
So, brothers and sisters, this is our offense.

On the 15th of this month I received the evidence as an applicant for the independent candidacy to the Presidency of the Republic and on the 16th of this month and year began the period marked by the National Electoral Institute to seek the support of the citizen, and for me word as a spokesperson let us make this struggle for life our government in which all of us from below command. That is why we call to take the offensive by shaking the capitalist political system, macho and patriarchal, making this decision to exercise dignity penetrate the electoral process signing throughout the country to express our support for the IGC, which through me will be also the epicenter of the healing of all the pains, resistances and rebellions that with our struggles are made hopes.
Despite the pitfalls and difficulties that have put us in the way, we will continue and we will continue our steps from the month of November of this year with an agenda that we will announce in the next days.
We denounce that:
– The email account that I use to register the data of hundreds of volunteers to gather the forms required by law to comply with the mandate of the general assembly of the CNI, can not access the platform of the INE, is it is blocked for any practical purpose.
– As we passed through the municipalities of Altamirano, Ocosingo and Palenque, places where internet services and cell phones commonly operate, communication in these areas was blocked, which hindered the computation of the signatures collected.
– The INE listed the devices that supposedly are suitable for the application to work, but in several of them it is not possible to make it work, and on the contrary, in some indicated as unfit it has been possible to install.

– It takes many hours to download the application. Likewise the registration of a single signature and photograph can last several hours and not four minutes with thirty seconds as assured by the INE, which makes it much more difficult to reach the number of signatures of support that marks us the law.
– It is insufficient the daylight in the afternoon or in the morning, only at noon can signatures be registered without the support of special lamps that can give adequate illumination.
– The notice of receipt of the signatures collected takes up to 24 hours in the auxiliaries after they have been sent to the INE.
Even with all this we will not take a step back. We will travel the country with a national agenda that will join the regional fabric around the CIG councilors, calling the peoples, groups, organizations and unorganized people in the whole territory of this nation to see us in the mirror of what we are all together and without fear to find in that reflection our own mirror, around the work groups on land and territory, autonomy, women, youth and children, people with different capacities, migrants, sexual diversity, justice and work and exploitation, led by the councilors and make our own agenda, our own program of left and anti-capitalist, taking advantage of the moment that history puts us together to be the great national structure that breaks down the walls that oppress us, divide and weaken.
This is who we are, what we were and will be.

From the zapatista snail of Oventic.
October 19, 2017



#Media #Oligarchs #MegaBanks vs #Union #Occupy #BLM #SDF #Humanity

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#Media #Oligarchs #MegaBanks vs #Union #Occupy #BLM #SDF #Humanity

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#Media #Oligarchs #MegaBanks vs #Union #Occupy #BLM #SDF #Humanity

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#Media #Oligarchs #MegaBanks vs #Union #Occupy #BLM #SDF #Humanity

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#Media #Oligarchs #MegaBanks vs #Union #Occupy #BLM #SDF #Humanity

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#Media #Oligarchs #MegaBanks vs #Union #Occupy #BLM #SDF #Humanity

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#Media #Oligarchs #MegaBanks vs #Union #Occupy #BLM #SDF #Humanity

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