Four security members wounded in Makhmur Camp attack

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Four security members wounded in Makhmur Camp attack

Wednesday evening’s attack on Makhmur Refugee Camp left four security members wounded.

Security units were targeted by an attack in Makhmur (Martyr Rüstem) Refugee Camp near Makhmur town of Southern Kurdistan Wednesday evening…


#Media #Oligarchs #MegaBanks vs #Union #Occupy #BLM #SDF #Humanity

What (Actually) Happened

I’d like to welcome former first lady, former senator, former secretary of state, and former future President Hillary Rodham Clinton back to New Hampshire today.

Clinton is scheduled to stop at Gibson’s Bookstore in Concord at 1 p.m. to sign copies of her book, “What Happened,” which tells the story of her nearly impossible quest to become the worst presidential candidate in American history…

What We Got Wrong When Covering the Bill Clinton Sexual Abuse Allegations

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What We Got Wrong When Covering the Bill Clinton Sexual Abuse Allegations

In this #MeToo moment, looking back at our coverage.

The Harvey Weinstein revelations have stirred up uncomfortable questions about the past. On Nov. 10, 2017, MSNBC host Chris Hayes (senior editor at In These Times from 2005 to 2006) tweeted…


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WATCH Collapse (2009)

Americans generally like to hear good news. They like to believe that a new president will right old wrongs, that clean energy will replace dirty oil and that fresh thinking will set the economy straight. American pundits tend to restrain their pessimism and hope for the best. But is anyone prepared for the worst?

Meet Michael Ruppert, a different kind of American. A former Los Angeles police officer turned independent reporter, he predicted the current financial crisis in his self-published newsletter, From the Wilderness, at a time when most Wall Street and Washington analysts were still in denial. Director Chris Smith has shown an affinity for outsiders in films like American Movie and The Yes Men. In Collapse, he departs stylistically from his past documentaries by interviewing Ruppert in a format that recalls the work of Errol Morris and Spalding Gray…


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The big question: How should we treat Trump voters?

During the first week of my freshman year of college, I was an instant convert to the nuclear freeze movement. One night, I toiled into the wee hours in my dorm room stenciling a handmade poster (this was the 1980s) that said: “We’re not Communists and we’re not homosexuals…We just want to prevent a nuclear holocaust.” Permission to wince.

I succeeded in drawing a few dozen students to the meeting, after which a graduate student quietly took me aside and critiqued my poster’s expressions of homophobia and red-baiting, two concepts unfamiliar to me but that I immediately understood to be harmful, hurtful and strictly avoided. The grad student criticized me straightforwardly and casually—no shaming, no grandstanding, no righteous indignation. As a result, I took her advice to heart and became a lifelong progressive activist…

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Psychiatrists Warn About Trump’s Mental State

I am the editor of “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President.” We represent a much larger number of concerned mental health professionals who have come forward to warn against the president’s psychological instability and the dangers it poses. We now number in the thousands…

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YPG - We are ready to form a joint operation room to fight Daesh

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YPG: We are ready to form a joint operation room to fight Daesh

The General Command of the People Protection Units assured that after cooperating with the Arabic clans in the region, and the support and assistance of the Russian forces and the US-led global coalition, Deir Ez-Zor countryside has fully been liberated from IS gangs, adding that they are ready to form a joint operation room with their partners to fight IS, this came in a statement.

As the statement was read by the People Protection Units’ spokesperson Nori Mahmoud in al-Salahiya neighborhood; the first neighborhood liberated in northern Deir ez-Zor, the official spokesperson of al-Jazeera Tempest Lilwa Abdullah, and the Co-chair of the Deir ez-Zor Military Council Gassan al-Yousef and a Russian delegation headed by the Gen. Alex Kim deputy of the Hamimim’s commander…


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These Trump Supporters Feel Betrayed by Republicans’ Plutocratic Tax Bill

“It’s depressing, you know?”

Speaking with voters in the Midwest who played a major hand in electing President Donald Trump, the Washington Post found supporters of the president who feel betrayed by a tax plan that includes massive tax cuts for the rich and pennies — at best — for them…


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Net Neutrality RIP: Essential Parts of America’s DNA—Independence and Privacy—Are About to Be Destroyed

Without network neutrality—the ability of individual citizens to get and share the information they want with a modicum of privacy and anonymity—the American Revolution wouldn’t have happened. Maybe that’s why the Trump administration wants to kill net neutrality now.

The flyer from “Rusticus” appeared on trees all over the community one morning in the Boston autumn of 1773…

Donald Trump Is Waging War on Reality, and Reality Is Losing

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[VIDEO] Donald Trump Is Waging War on Reality, and Reality Is Losing

Donald Trump is waging war against reality — so far, reality is losing

Trump’s campaign against reality isn’t a distraction or a sign of mental illness. It’s his historical mission

“I am your voice!” Donald Trump told the crowd and the cameras at the Republican National Convention a year ago last July, in a speech that keeps suggesting itself to me as one of those moments where history shifted on its axis just a little…